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Illuminator Sweatbands

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Our all new "patent pending" product will gain you instant attention and create a safer environment by increasing your visibility to others.  These bands are great for runners, walkers, campers, bicyclists, clubs, special events, holidays (4th, New Year's, St.Patrick's Day etc...), and sporting events.  Our bands can be seen from up to 120 meters away and are very colorful.  With 6000 hours of illumination, these bands will give you many hours of usage before going out.  The Illuminator is cool to the touch,  comes in one size fits all ages 7 and up, absorbs sweat with its cotton sweatband, is comfortable to wear, and is powered by a small power unit that can be charged with most cell phone chargers that uses a micro USB cable.  .  With our interchangable designs, you will have the ability to sport a new look anytime you want.   Photon's all new sweatband is also machine washable so you can have a clean experience after heavy usage.  We guarentee that our product will get you many looks, create a fun atmosphere, and improve your visibility to motorists and those around you.  


Photon...bringing the light to night!

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