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About US

Photon- a particle representing a quantum of light...

Photon is a company that intends to change the world of riding and fashion with our new illumination system.  We have the ability to create jackets and apparel that are unique and will definitely attract attention.  We understand that our customers are diverse and we intend to continue providing them with a diverse line-up of products and custom options.

As for safety, most motorcycle accidents occur at night...trying to devolop a way to improve rider safety is what birthed Photon.  A majority of riders today ride in a situation we call "riding dark".  The next time you're out, take a look at the multitude of riders who only have the tiny red tail light.  This is definitely a safety issue as many riders are struck by other motorist who didn't see them.  Currently the market is saturated with reflective technology.  This technology is very poor and depends on the headlights of another motorist for it to be effective.  Photon jackets create their own light source...which is a soft illumination that will not blind or interfere with other motorists on the roadways.    Photon's mission, is to safely navigate as many riders as possible through low light conditions so they can go for another ride.  

For those who do not ride, a Photon jacket will still make a statement whether you're walking down the street, or enjoying the night out with friends.  We guarentee that you will be the center of everyone's attention.  Most of our customers say that you better be prepared to take pics and talk to strangers in a Photon jacket.  We hope to see you out!




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